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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whetstone WV , Aug 13th 2011 Mudweiser

Ok , I'm back online and got the computer fixed! Now this is just a short video on me in the Circle Hole . Apparently this was the first time anyone has been in it in awhile. None the less Mudweiser didn't do to bad. I still need a carb , but still ran pretty good and all the changes to the drive chain held up. Well hope to see a few people this Labor Day Weekend. Ok remeber all to Have Fun and Be Safe !!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8th 2011

Pretty nice weekend to be at Whetstone. We had a lot of sunshine and warm weather. There was a bunch of atv's going in and out all weekend. I never went up the run instead, I started on rebuilding Mudweiser. There isn't much left of it thanks to family lol. When you see a carcass laying on the side of the road and only the bones are left, well that what Mudweiser looks like lol !!! I have another truck there so all I have to do it convert two pieces of srcap into one. The only thing I dont have is the engine, like thats something new. Anyway I hope to see some boggers show up this coming weekend for a test run. If ya show up stop and say hi.
Remeber Have Fun And Be Safe!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Slow Start

Well , I was wondering how things were coming along with everyone, I haven't accomplished a thing yet. So , I hope nobody is following my example.If anyone would like to rub it in or let me know how I am wasting time, let me know, I can take it "lol" I got some information about the pipeline. As of right now it isn't down into Whetstone yet. I guess that's good news for now! I have put some new adds on this site, There are a few good ones about truck sales and parts so check them out. I have also added a Facebook page, please click on the follow button , I need at least 20 followers.Thank You!! in advance. If any of you want to post a comment, feel free to do so, it will automatically post. Anyway , I hope everyone is further along then me. Good luck on the wrench turning and knuckle busting.
Remember Have Fun And Be Safe!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well once again it's about that time. We are getting close to that time when we start smelling the exhaust fumes and hearing that rumbling from the engines. It's early April, which means we have just under two months to get ready. I hope everyone had a chance to work on their boggers over the winter. I myself am not even close, I have two trucks that need to be made into one,and I haven't even started yet!!! On the tailgate of Mudweiser (my old mud bogger) I had, Wish me Luck, painted on it. Now I guess I'm going to need all the luck I may have left behind. Whetstone has taken a bit of a change over the winter do to all the flooding and a newly in stalled gas right of way. I'm under the impression that the pipeline has ran east to west right around the Circle Hole. Whether or not, I have no idea. I haven't been there recently to see for myself, but I will go in a week or so and let you all know what I have found. Hopefully everything is fine, or maybe the old boys in the heavy equipment my have made a few more holes. When I go i will bring back some video for you'll to see what it looks like. Remember Have Fun and be Safe!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Whetstone WV Laborday Weekend 2010 Part 2

Sorry about the delay in between videos and articles . I kinda lost touch with this for awhile because of the low amount of visitors,but it seems to have drawn alittle more traffic. Hopefully it is from some of you sharing it on the web for me. I would like to thank you for that! Anyway, I have some video here of our every-weekend warriors and some extra of the PA boys and a few others I dont know. Ofcourse it was taken over LDW 2010. There is some footage of Daniel,Devan,Jesse and Kaity along with a few others. I am hoping to do a video of Whetstone covered in snow for everyone. It is very different there with the snow and ice on the ground. I think most of you would like the way it looks covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Well i hope you enjoy this video, it's longer then most I have published,but it's a pretty good one. There is no music on this one, just the sounds of the people and the engines. If you could let me know whether you like them with or without music I would appreciate it, thank you!
Once again Remember to have FUN and be SAFE!!!!

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